Bug #1483

Local data files are not removed from ~/.ryzom when after uninstall

Added by tremolux over 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

Status:Resolved Start date:06/20/2012
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Category:OS: GNU/Linux
Target version:Version 0.9.0


Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

We've had a bug report for the Ubuntu Software Center project on Launchpad from a user who noticed that the set of local data files stored in ~/.ryzom are not removed when the application is uninstalled. Since there are quite a few GB of data here, it might be better to remove these files and allow them to be redownloaded on startup in the case of a reinstall.

The original Ubuntu bug on Launchpad is here:


I think this bug can be fixed in a straightforward manner in the ryzom debian packaging.

Please let me know if I can provide any other info, etc., and many thanks for all your good work on this great game!!



#1 Updated by kervala over 7 years ago

Thanks for reporting that, but that was intended !

Before downloading data in ~/.ryzom, we were putting them in /usr/share/games/ryzom and it was worst ! Because even if we were able to remove them while uninstalling the package, a lot of people have a limited space in their / partition and 6 GB is too much.

Dowloading into ~/.ryzom was a suggestion by Canonical employees themselves.

Now imagine we delete ~/.ryzom after package uninstall, all personal infos are deleted too (interface saves, landmarks, screenshots, chat logs, etc...). If we try to delete only ~/.ryzom/data (the 6 GB data), how the uninstaller will know where are located these data because each user can have a copy ? What if a user uninstalled it to reinstall it later ? He'll have to redownload all 6 GB.

All applications put their data in ~ and some of them are using more disk space than other, do you know any application who delete files in ~ while being uninstalled ?

When launching Baobab, the user will notice there is a folder taking more than 6 GB and will be able to remove it manually if that's his choice. Instead of forcing something (Apple or Microsoft policies), I prefer to let the choice.

Eventually, perhaps I could add a dialog message at the end of patching process that if he want to free 6 GB, the user have to manually delete the ~/.ryzom/data directory.

#2 Updated by kervala over 7 years ago

Or another proposition if it's possible with Ubuntu Software Center, while uninstalling, ask to the user (using debconf) if he prefers removing or keeping downloaded data.

Then browsing ~/.ryzom/data for each user and removing them if present.

What do you think ?

#3 Updated by kaetemi over 7 years ago

How about making the client package depend on a dummy data package, and have the data deleted when the dummy data package is uninstalled?

#4 Updated by kervala over 7 years ago

That was what I did for Ryzom Core client on my PPA but for Ubuntu Software Center, one application = one package :(

#5 Updated by kervala over 7 years ago

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I'll implement this for next patch :

  • when uninstalling Ryzom package, a dialog ask if the user want to keep downloaded data
  • if the user press NO, the script (postrm) will search for all ~/.ryzom/data and delete them

#6 Updated by kervala about 7 years ago

Finally, instead of using debconf, I'll just implement the purge command in postrm script.

#7 Updated by kervala about 7 years ago

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That's working on my PPA, it will be soon uploaded on private Ryzom PPA and if all works fine, it will be published on Ubuntu Software Center repository.

The solution I retained is sudo apt-get purge ryzom will delete downloaded data.

#8 Updated by kervala about 7 years ago

Apparently, there is no purge equivalent with Ubuntu Software Center... But perhaps it is enough for users who can use Synaptic or apt-get.

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