Login Error invalid?!?!

Added by jefficaping over 6 years ago

Everytime I try to log in to Ryzom it comes up with the same error

Error : Invalid Account: myusername (2001)

What am I doing wrong?

I've tried googling but can't seem to find a solution.

My account details work fine on the Ryzom website but not when I try to log in...

I'm on Ubuntu, installed Ryzom via the software centre

Please help - and keep it in dumb peoples language because I don't do tech speak. Please keep it simple so that your average joe bloggs could understand it.


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RE: Login Error invalid?!?! - Added by molator over 6 years ago

If you're talking about Ryzom the Game, it's not the proper forum but Rycom Core one.
Ryzom the Game is currently in maintenance, as written on the related forum weeks ago.
You will find the answer when it will back here:

RE: Login Error invalid?!?! - Added by kervala over 6 years ago

Hi !

Currently, the 3 shards are being merged into an unique one so they are temporarily closed.

And you can't follow progress because forums are currently down : http://forums.ryzom.com

You can install CeB (the Ryzom support chat tool) by adding ppa:kervala/ppa to your sources and installing the package cebmtpchat. There you'll be notified when servers will be up again :)

RE: Login Error invalid?!?! - Added by jefficaping over 6 years ago


That makes sense!

Thought I may have gone a little bit insane....