Running the server on OSX

Added by Mankar about 7 years ago

When trying to run the ryzom server on my mac I'm running into a few problems. First off many of the services complain about not being able to detect the OS through /proc/self/stat, some of the services complain once and then continue without problems, and some continue complaining but look like they're running fine otherwise.

The problem occurs in one of the screens where is being called; it keeps saying that there were two instances of a command "MainNbEntities" (not sure if that's important) and then crashes at line 102 of the script starting a core dump and then tries it again after a few seconds. The core dump is annoying because in a matter of minutes it uses up the remaining 30 gigs on my hard drive which then causes other issues making it harder to debug (though not that bad). In the log.log file the problems seem to be coming from AST (but I don't know which service that corresponds to). There are several mentions that "fgets failed" in stdin_monitor_thread.cpp line 84.
Another recurring thing in the logs is this: "<UNKNOWN> AST 70339cc0 command.cpp 46 : STOP".

Do any of those things stick out as a reason for crashing? Also, is there a script I can run to launch the services in different terminal windows instead of different screens? Screen is awesome when things are working but a pain when things aren't due to not being able to scroll up (unless you can and I just don't know how).


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RE: Running the server on OSX - Added by tebruno99 about 7 years ago

You can scroll up in screen by pressing CTRL-A and then ESC. Then just use your up arrow and down arrow to navigate.

Update: I'm told that is technically "copy" mode. pressing CTRL-A then [ is actual scroll mode.

RE: Running the server on OSX - Added by molator about 7 years ago

I don't know if someone has ever built the server on Mac OSX.
On Linux, the MainNbEntities issue is solved by using the CMake options WITH_STATIC=ON, WITH_STATIC_DRIVERS=ON
to build static binaries, maybe it works for Mac OSX too.

Have a look into:
you will find the commands that run the services.
You can write a new script to open terminals based on it.

RE: Running the server on OSX - Added by Mankar about 7 years ago

Thanks for the help. The static binaries helped. The gpm_service, entities_game_service, input_output_service, frontend_service, and ai_service are all crashing, but I think that's just because I didn't put the game data stuff in the right place (it's a better crash log than last time). I'll post again once I get it fully working.