Present yourself - please say "Hi"

Added by aprak over 9 years ago

Hi I'm Aprak - I'm in it since almost the beginning of time itself.

You may know me as the big eared vane Tryker with purple hair, fearless in battle & with larger balls than brains. Passionate guide of the roots (who's almost on a regular basis bored silly from to much digging & and as a direct consequence) all to happy to help out newbies getting TP tickets all over sacred tree - and it's roots.

I'm in it for the game, the community, the code - and now: for the passion of FREEDOM!

Aprak of Atys

The mighty mouse of Tryker

P.S. I'm an excellent coder too - just in case you wonder wut the @#! I'm doing here ;) D.S.

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RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by lynnara over 8 years ago


I'm a coder in San Antonio, Texas. I mostly work with c++, php, and javascript, on linux and windows.

I played my first MMO in 2003, and instantly fell in love with the concept of multiplayer online games. I made a point of playing nearly every MMO i could find, long enough to figure out which mechanics worked, which didn't, and what players loved and hated. After 8 years of such research, i'm determined to try to take everything i have learned and turn it into my own game.

After finding Ryzom Core, i decided this was the closest system to what i wanted to do. Of course there are a number of things i want to modify or add... but as another person previously stated, the learning curve is massive and the lack of documentation makes this a daunting challenge. In fact, it seems everyone trying to work on this project has had to spend an awfull lot of time just recreating the basic stuff that everyone else has done. Seems like a huge waste of developer potential... since with proper documentation, everyone could be adding features and fixing bugs with the time otherwise spent on just figuring out what the heck is going on.

While i wish i could jump in and immediately start coding new gameplay mechanics, i am going to continue diving into the code to try to make sense of whats going on, and hopefully put it to good use. It would be pretty awesome to see some work of mine end up in the retail Ryzom game, after all. :-)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by dante over 8 years ago

I am Dante ,I am new to ryzom ,and hope to study it and learn more about server structure .It 's nice to develop games with other people.
Now I am a software engineer from China.I hope I can join this family.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by RunningWolf about 8 years ago


Getting back into programming after some time away.... Only us old farts remember COBOL and the Y2K bug that never happened :).

I've been looking at MMORPG engines (open source and other "free code") on and off for about a year or two. I've got a small group (5 or so people) that have the creative drive and some who are willing to learn coding. Sort of diverse group consisting of folks my own age (late 30's early 40's) and two teenagers.

Ryzom looks like it has a decent amount of backing by the Devs and the community. I have to admit that I am going in this sight unseen (haven;t played it). I'm a bit more into science fiction than fantasy.

I played Star Wars Galaxies back in the day (before the Combat Upgrade) and loved the crafting system they had in place. When I do game I like playing a crafter more than a combat character.

Hopefully this is going to be the start of a long relationship (between my own little group of geeks, the community at large, and Ryzom).

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by siredblood about 8 years ago

Im Jaysun .... known as sired in another community for Blitz3d ...

Ive been coding in BLitz for the past 2 years, someone pointed me to this open source, so im taking a stab at it, learning my way around. Ill be asking lots of questions :D

One thing i noticed, is there is no normal maps??? Dx9... crazy... I actually added normal map support in a dx7 blitz client, so when i learn a little more about this code... ill be adding normal/specular support to the client... ill be sure to write a tut on how to do it... to pay the community back for all my noob questions right now :D

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Moyaku about 8 years ago

Hi there !

I have been playing Ryzom since 2005 ; I am a member of the Arispotle Community. I recently moved my clients to Debian Squeeze i386 (for one of my computers), and Debian Squeeze AMD64 for the second.

I don't know if I ll be a great contributor to this but I thought posting my bugs here could be a way of helping to improve the linux client.


Moyaku (Arispotle)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Chetery about 8 years ago

Wrote code a lot a few years back but have been on extended break so this may be a steep learning curve for me. Interested in the 'state' of game development and seeing if a vision a friend and I have can be implemented ...Ryzom seems to use some things we had in mind like not having a restrictive class structure so poking around to see if its a good place to start.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by UGKAssassin almost 8 years ago

Im UGK, Im from the US. I've been programming on and off for quite a while. Im hoping that this Code can help Me create my Own MMorpg. But also I hope to be able to contribute to the opensource. Also After extensive trial and error A note should be made that visual C++ studio 2010 WILL NOT work for compiling and generating the ryzom core.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by UGKAssassin almost 8 years ago

Im UGK, Im from the US. I've been programming on and off for quite a while. Im hoping that this Code can help Me create my Own MMorpg. But also I hope to be able to contribute to the opensource. Also After extensive trial and error A note should be made that visual C++ studio 2010 WILL NOT work for compiling and generating the ryzom core.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Xapotec over 7 years ago


I'm from Turkey. I'm not a coder but I'm currently compiling Ryzom on my Funtoo installed very old laptop. I'm doing this just for curiosity. Gentoo and Funtoo are my favourite rolling distros. I'd like share my process with you in this forum.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by NeoSpark314 over 7 years ago


I'm developing a python script for Blender to import NeL 3D files (like i.e. .shape or .skel) and want to share my progress with anyone who is interested. The script is already able to import several shape and skeleton files and I am currently working on figuring out how to properly interpret/convert the animation data. I will start a new thread where I will post my progress.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by bristle over 7 years ago

good for you! i will watch how you progess

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Lemu over 7 years ago

Hi there,

I'm a French man. I'm trying to understand how Ryzom, and more generally a MMORPG server are working, just for curiosity.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Ormin over 7 years ago

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a professional programmer with about six years of experience. Been working on smaller scale-servers ( also MMOs, but not 3D realm ones ) and i'm now into Ryzom Project. We'd like to create an unique project based on and we ( Me & My team ) to achieve some success on creating on unique game experience. : )

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by mrwulf over 7 years ago

Names David
I never new about this place until a month ago, when I did some searching to find a way to make my own server that didn't coast a arm and a leg, lol. I don't have any coding skills, but I have make 3 servers though, privet ones, but never put them online for others to play. I did it to see how things work, have always been that way.
I know I'll have some questions after reading the forum and wiki. I'll be talking to you all later, have fun and be safe.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by chuckv3 about 7 years ago

Hi All! Chuck Glenn, professional Java guy for 10 years, but I've done everything from various Assemblers (86, z8, 65*, 68* and PIC and Scenix too) to gasp COBOL. I'm a City of Heroes outcast--well, actually I quit when they changed their model to "free but we'll spam you with special offers via the in-game email to pay for extra cool gamey things." It pissed off everyone else, too, and now they're closing the game. Water under the bridge by now, since they've refused to keep the game alive despite begging, whining, ugly threats and inappropriate sexual offers from the user community.

There's an effort afoot called "Plan Z," which is why I'm here. Many of us want a new home for our existing culture of easy-going mostly-PvE folks willing to help noobs, have fun, enjoy a game together and feel heroic once in a while. We feel none of the existing games have the right je ne sais quoi.

We outcasts have decided to try writing our own game (that's Plan Z), as much like City of Heroes as possible without getting sued.

I'm here because I'd like to investigate the Ryzom Engine as a possible starting point. As soon as I get my new desktop unit strapped together I'll be diving in (next weekend). I see that the Ryzom Core includes a world builder, but not a creature builder. I guess I will discover what's importable. Hopefully something from Blender, which is friggin' awesome.

Here's what's the CoH castaways feel is unique and different about CoH that we're hoping to re-create:

- Extremely customizable character options. In most games you see 20 to 30 recognizable bodies running around. The City of Heroes character-creator options are so extensive that every player can be recognized on sight. We LOVE that.
- Modern city-in-peril setting with office buildings, secret technological bases built into mountainsides, and that sort of stuff. Actually there were also zones where witchcraft and Gaelic mythological characters ruled, other zones where invading aliens had established a foothold, but I digress.... We tend to not like dungeons-and-dragons, medieval worlds. Sorry, but it's been done-to-death already.
- Super-hero style powers. I think we can probably implement a work-alike of the power choices and power-building path of the old game using the player-published math. And we'd have a game that offers 1000s of power combinations that are already pretty well balanced and well documented.
- The spread of capabilities between casual players and min/maxers was always maybe 25% at the most. Someone who didn't want to memorize hit point probability tables and to-hit buff and debuff percentages could still play, still enjoy playing, and not feel like they weren't able to contribute.

This was supposed to be me saying hi. Sorry. HI!

I hope I can extend the Ryzom Core to something that satisfies the old City-of community! I'm looking forward to it!

My main worries, after getting to level 7 in Ryzom, is the character customization options. I promise my first task will be to create an extensive tool to allow ridiculous amount of character customization for end-users, and to do whatever it takes for the Ryzom Core server and client to handle it.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Max_De_Groot about 7 years ago

Hey ;)

I'm Ronald, electronics engineer, specialized in technical computer science.
Been over 10 years since I did any programming in C++, and even then it wasn't much.
Been looking for a good open source MMORPG project, hoping I could learn from building my own game.
Unfortunately I have a lot of spare time at the moment, so I plan on devoting the most of it to
building a working game-server and customizing it as much as possible..

I also hope to get to know C++ again, and be able to contribute to this project. For now all I can do
is to work on a complete manual, from code to working world. (ofc, not only for myself :p)
To do so, I have to get everything working first... and I'll be asking a LOT of questions...
If any seem stupid, you're free to let me know, but please do answer, as every little detail and explanation
can be useful for my manual.

Having been a board member of a computer club with lots of members that never used computers before I know
how important it is to explain every little detail.

system info:
- ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, pentium-D 2.8GHz, 2.5GB ECC Ram (currently running a working shard, built from source)
- ubuntu 12.04 32 bit, pentium 4 3GHz 1.5GB ECC Ram (to be used for world editing and as backup server)

Developing on:
- Windows 7 64 bit, PentiumD 2.8 GHz, 3GB Ram
- Windows 7 32 bit, intel dual core 2.3 GHz, 4GB Ram (I know, only 3 available with 32 bit windows...)

using visual studio 2010 express (hope I can use code::blocks in the future...)
no Qt or MFC yet... (working on it)
(Not just say "click on the link" but first explain how to click and what is a link)

I started playing ryzom to see if I liked the options it had to offer, now I'm a regular.
(Look for Llizzie :p)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by eruv over 6 years ago

hi i'm andrew from new york city and i'm wondering if anyone will see this... looks like the last post was made a long time ago. i have downloaded mirc and joined the #ryzom channel on freenode i'm not very good with this sort of stuff but i have some questions about the webig system and php needed to make an app in games so i'm hoping someone will appear

at the moment no one in the irc is replying perhaps asleep or afk!

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by eruv over 6 years ago

i was just told about this:

anyone coming here should go there instead =)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by inarus over 6 years ago


I am Alban from Paris suburb.
I am ending a thesis in bioinformatic.

I was a Ragnarok online administrator, scripter.
I love private servers for many reasons, I think it is the best way to do a MMORPG.
I am thinking about an economic model based on private server, I hope ryzom could be a good medium to make a proof of concept.

For now I am just trying to set up a functionnal client/server (much harder than for ragnarok XD)

See you soon :)

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