Present yourself - please say "Hi"

Added by aprak over 9 years ago

Hi I'm Aprak - I'm in it since almost the beginning of time itself.

You may know me as the big eared vane Tryker with purple hair, fearless in battle & with larger balls than brains. Passionate guide of the roots (who's almost on a regular basis bored silly from to much digging & and as a direct consequence) all to happy to help out newbies getting TP tickets all over sacred tree - and it's roots.

I'm in it for the game, the community, the code - and now: for the passion of FREEDOM!

Aprak of Atys

The mighty mouse of Tryker

P.S. I'm an excellent coder too - just in case you wonder wut the @#! I'm doing here ;) D.S.

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RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Phormagos over 9 years ago

Hi all!

I played Ryzom for many a year and loved many of the games features, which I have yet to see in any new MMO's. My two teenage sons are both avid gamers and starting to get into a bit of programming and game development. They're starting to ask a lot of "how do they do that?" questions. I figure what better way to stay involved with a game I loved the most and introduce them to some aspects of development than get involved with this community. I myself have over 40 years of programming experience, in a wide variety of languages and domains. I look forward to becoming really involved here!

Former High Officer of Pegasus Foundation's Ryzom chapter

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by molator over 9 years ago

Hi there,

I've played ryzom for sometime when Nevrax was alive.
As for many others, i was seduced by ryzom.
When i heard the game was becoming opensource, i rushed there to try the new adventure.


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by joemcoy over 9 years ago

Hello there.

I am brazilian, I am modeler works with Maya and 3dMax, and I love this Game.

My Developer was in windows xp sp3: Sever Cliente, Nel, and apacha admin tools perfect compiling and works.


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by demarii over 9 years ago


My name is Dean, I'm from Canada, I'm a Building Automation Systems specialist working in the construction industry, I work with Program-able Logic Controls mostly. This is an enjoyable hobby for me, I enjoy playing games especially the more hardcore types of games, and simulations. I've been involved in some game creation in the past and I enjoy it a lot as it's challenging and forces you to learn new things, work around obstacles, and create and relate stories. I used to be involved in MUD's and MUSH's back in the day before the internet. I did some coding in those does with C, but since then my coding experience is somewhat limited so I don't know if I'll do any “heavy lifting” with the code as I'm still learning a lot about C++ and my time is sometimes limited for study, but I hope to atleast try to help bug hunt and squash, after getting some time to start crawling through it.

Where I'd really like to get involved in is testing and helping expand ideas for features in the future, and developing content, and perhaps one day either joining forces with like minded individuals to create our own small game world, or just slowly hacking away to make one of my own so that other like minded individuals would have a place to play a game they find challenging. I tend to be into “niche” games so I've no interest in trying to develop the next WoW, or anything. I've never really perscribed to the idea that games need to be “Massive” to be fun. So I'm more keen to making a MORPG and just to be involved in a making a fun world were some good roleplaying between friends develops in a unqiue flavour and incorporate many ideas that you can't find in other games because they are less “marketable” or difficult to balance in gameplay.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Minthos about 9 years ago

Hi, Minthos here.

Professional programmer since last year, hobbyist/student programmer for the last 5+ years. Played a lot of online games, special interest in mmo server software. Writing a master's thesis on scalability in mmo servers, hoping to use ryzom in that regard. You can read more about it here: and a little about me here:

I have at least one class level in crazy visionary, and several in space/science geek. Healthy combination if you ask me. My spare time is usually spent in my room with my computers. Sometimes elsewhere and/or with other things. Not so healthy, but I try to compensate..

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by VinnyQ about 9 years ago

Hi, Vinny Ly from the USA (Northern VA) here.

Played Ryzom for about 9 months (Fyros) when the game was launched in 2004, but stopped to try other games when Nevrax was running into financial trouble (and I ran out of things to do in-game except digging and crafting and grinding on new weapons).

I have re-subbed at each and every new owner changes just to give the game some support, since it is such a special mmo, but never for more than a few months. Atys truly is a living virtual world though, and my mind would often wanders back to the adventures I have had on it. I recently re-subbed and was running around my old stomping ground, with great feelings of nostalgia (in a virtual world no less! I can't think of another game that would make me feel that, not Azeroth, not EVE universe). Dyron and Thesos were, alas, both empty (I was the only person there late last night) and it made me very very sad. The Kami welcomer kept me company though while I took a bath in Thesos's waterfall :P

I have also been checking back at on and off to see how it's doing (and is always surprised that it's still there, haha). I was delighted to see that the current owner (Winch Gate is it?) seems to be stable, focus, and committed to keeping the game alive and even patching in new contents (new Boss and Occupations, holy crap! Haven't seen new contents since the release of Outposts... and R2 didn't count). I am subbed back for good now and starting a new Tryker from infancy, since I have forgotten most of the game mechanics, mainly because of Winch Gate latest Occupations patch and the open source initiative. I think the making Ryzom Core (along with all assets) open source is probably the best thing WG could have done for Ryzom the game itself. A praiseworthy, and brave, decision!

Personally, I am a programmer for fairly big company in the IT world, and have been coding for about 15 years. I code now mainly in C# and VB, but I'd learned C++ when I was in college, although I haven't used it in a long time... and kinda dreading going back to it (pointers!? yuck!). However, I'll man up just for Ryzom and this open source initiative! And I have never programmed games before either, so that might be another huge hindrance, but I would love to learn.

The main features I love about Ryzom that I have yet to see other MMOs implemented are the seasonal changes & the weather system (which actually affect game-play), the mob migration and AI where they actually hunt each other and not just stand around to be killed, and the awesome digging and crafting system. My main immediate goal is to dwell into the code enough to see how it was implemented. I have hope for the future that Winch Gate is still working on new contents and features, and would love to be involved in that process if possible via building and demo'ing prototype and proof of concepts and help them see if what is and isn't possible.

Example of features that I would love to see in Ryzom (and I think totally possible) are: allow others to enter your apartment (Guild hall is possible, I don't know why personal homin apartments would be different), and some kind of money-sink that are non-combat related such as decorations for guild halls and apartments, and non-stats dress/uniform/tools such as implemented with the hairstylist NPCs. More ambitious features would be to add more occupations that are in-line with a civilization in its rebuilding stage, such as farming/fishing/lumbering/mining... maybe tie those to non-combat crafting only and not to the current harvesting/crafting system for armors and weapons.

I could go on... but all.sln just finished building and I am going to muck around in the world editor :O

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Bastien about 9 years ago


I'm French and I play Ryzom has since the open beta in September 2004.

I devellope in php joomla. And I make for my Guild some php tools, thank you Ryzom API :-)

The shift in open source code of Ryzom is a great new, ..... thank you ........ thank you ........ thank you ... :-)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by ragnar-gd almost 9 years ago


my callsign is Ragnar G.D.
I'm an IT-professional since 15 years, and code and design games since I'm 12.
Which doesn't mean much, as, frankly open, I'm good at neither of it... :)
As a hobby, I've been working for some time on some open source games (Arianne), gametesting others (WorldForge), modding pro games (Morrowind, BG II), etc., although I didn't do much lately.
Before that, I did quite some reasearch on the psychology of pen-and-paper roleplaying gamers.
My son asked me to "make a game" some weeks ago, so he can use his talents in character animation, and find his name on the credits list.
I usually can't say "No" to him, and didn't tell him just how ambitious his wish is.
So that's what I'm gonna do: Take the ryzom core engine, and make a new game from it - or die trying (from old age probably).
To me, Ryzom core is the first engine that looks as if you can do that with it.
Most probably I'll need some help, so I'll ask many dumb questions (and recruit locally some coders and creative people who are interested in making assets - but that shouldn't bother you).

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by alriddoch almost 9 years ago


I am Al Riddoch, probably best known as a long standing developer over at WorldForge.

I got into writing games as a hobby in the late '90s, and dropped by WorldForge shortly afterwards. Initially intimidated by the scale of what they were attempting, I restricted myself for a while to contributing sound effects and design ideas. I quickly brushed up on C++, and before I knew where I was I ended up writing a significant proportion of the code base.

As sfb and ragnar have been commenting in the Google Code-In thread, Open Source projects gain much more from friendly competition and collaboration than they do from rivalry, so I hope to keep learning from you guys, and offer you what I have learned over the last 10 years of Open Source MMO hacking.


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Lukan almost 9 years ago


I am a 36-year old Electrical Enginnering student soon to be a graduate with a B.S.E.E. I have dabbled in programming for a while, but never became serious about it. A friend told me about Ryzom going open source and I decided that I had put off seriously learning a programming language for long enough and here I am. I am attempting to build the server on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu, and have so far only been partially successful on the Windows side.

I look forward to learning, growing, and eventually contributing here!


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Kristaba almost 9 years ago

I'm a french 16 years old student, currently in the last year of the french equivalent of the high schools. I'm a casual ryzom player from, if my memory is working well, 2006. I love really this game, it was the first MMO I played, but I never find an other that I like as much as it ;-)

I'm passionate about sciences from very young, at first about the chemistry, the biology, later about the electronic and from severals years about the computing and specifically the programming. Now, I code mostly in C++ and C, sometimes in SH3 assembly, and I have some notions of Java and PHP.
I like the Open Source model, and the software freedom is very important in my opinion : it's the roots of the modern and free society tree ;)

So, I'm interested by the Ryzom Core project from it's announcement, but today, with the Google Code-In, I really think to get involved into the project.

(and sorry again for my english)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by HamiltonWDS almost 9 years ago

Greetings All,

I am one of the FOA (Force of Arms) Dev's looking into using the Ryzom Platform for our project. Originally was using the Multiverse Platform, but Ryzom is much more feature complete. I have been lurking on the forums for sometime, reading over questions/answers that other people have had, of which I have ran into.

Faith Manages

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by nimbus3 almost 9 years ago


I am an oldschool SOR player, Played from open beta. I noticed that the source had gone Open and decided to check it out myself.

It's great to see a good community still interested in this fantastic game. I was addicted for a long time before work commitments took over my life.

Will be following all progress closely


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by mhd almost 9 years ago


I'm French and I play Ryzom has since one year


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Hialmar over 8 years ago


I'm Patrice Torguet, Assistant Professor at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France.
I teach network programming and networked games programming.

Ryzom's source code is very interesting for me and my students.

Thanks for open sourcing it :)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by MirceaKitsune over 8 years ago

Hello there! I'm Mircea, also using the name Taoki. I found about Ryzom Core two months ago, when I tried setting up a server but failed. I tried again yesterday, and finally succeeded and managed to give it a try. Since I'm very interested in the idea of an Open Source MMO, and Ryzom Core seems like a great engine for that purpose, I thought to come here as well :)

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by tldamico over 8 years ago


Just registered, and I'm taking a very keen interest in what everyone is doing here. And all I can say is that I'm very impressed with what I'm seeing. I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan, and plan to spend my time digging deeper. Grabbing a book, and starting to dust off the cob webs on C++.



RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by johnki over 8 years ago


I've tried Ryzom several times over the years, but I never really was able to stick to it. I've also tried dabbling in game design and programming a few times and met little progress. The Ryzom tools seem pretty robust and I figured, at the very least, I could at least try and mess around with them and see if I could accomplish anything. In the end, I figure what I want to do is create a world of my own with its own lore, and perhaps its own graphics, with this engine.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Zorno over 8 years ago


im Zorno. Im 32 years old from Hannover, Germany. Im working for a small hosting company called NF-Games as coder, serveradmin and some other stuff.
Hope to get this working soon to learn from it because i maybe want to write an own game later. Atm im cant wait to see it running and to create some
cool stuff for it ( will create a small free for all downloadpage when i have done something :D ) ...

greetings Zorno

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by Bamko over 8 years ago

I am Bamko. Greetings.

I am dabbling at helping out a few sites, and want to retouch this project to see how far along it has gotten. I will have to check things out later, but a few questions:

Is the Dev shard persistent and playable?
Is the Dev shard the main splinter for this project?
Are there other persistent playable shards?

I see there is an open shard that no one seems to be using, as well as a dev shard, and a few people got their shards working, but have not DL'ed your client and tried to check them all out. Would like a "yeah, this is list of ones up as of now" updated list... Maybe I just do not see it?

If anyone wants to walk me through some of this, probably best way to contact me is poke me in IRC at Channel = #Glompzilla (I lurk, so leave contact info if bailing) OR reply to the Ryzom Thread on my personal website (converting from community site but now starting to merge with at [[]]

I will TRY to check back here, but I am always checking dozens of projects so it is easy for me to miss a message on the random boards.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by JarHead over 8 years ago

Hello, I'm Jared aka "Construed".
I'm a 3d graphics designer who has been working with game design and many other technical trades for about 10 years.
I am expieranced in, html,xhtml,xml,java,php,ajax,actionscripting,flash animations,all 3d aspects,networking languages,computer repair and assembly,and many other real world trades.I'm currently working on learning python and c++.
I am currently running Molators wonderful ubuntu vm server on windows xp and linux.
Currently working on creating a blender exporter for ryzom,Studying monster sheets, setting up my mmorpg framework and tweaking ryzom.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by CharlesWoodhill over 8 years ago


im from austria, and completely new to this project
made my hobby a profession: developer (pascal -> c -> c++ -> delphi -> c#)
actually working in suisse as SAP Dev coding in ABAP.
like gaming mmorpg(UO, EQ, WOW, ryzom? ;) , rts ( supreme commander ), civ series, battlefield2 and many more )
would newer start a new project in another lang than c# and the power of .net
want a mmorpg with planets, stars, asteroids, starships, my own buildings, economy, resources,..
spoken in games: hard nova + massivemulti || x3 + master of orion + ryzom40000 ;)

i will play the game to get used to the features,
then i could contribute: porting to c# and then bugfixing/featuring, i will never code c++ again ;) (much to time consuming and error prone)


RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by shuawinn over 8 years ago

I'm from Utah working at a University as a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering.
I am interested in using MMO architectures for collaborative engineering tools.
I program using mainly C++, and I've been dabbling in openGL and some Java lately.
I'm hoping to use this architecture for my thesis, as this seems to be very promising for what I hope to accomplish.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by LordHogFred over 8 years ago


I'm a MEng Computer Science student from the UK. I've been developing and designing games for years now and really like the look of Ryzom Core and it's potential.

RE: Present yourself - please say "Hi" - Added by oldngrey over 8 years ago

I might as well introduce myself here.

For almost a decade I scripted and ran an Ultima Online private shard based on POL. As with most coding projects it was a mixture of fun and frustration, highs and sleepless nights in equal amounts but never boring. Coding was the easy part, keeping players and staff happy was by far the harder part.

The similarities between POL and Ryzom oore are what drew me here. Both were written in quirky C++ and have steep huge learning curves, but whereas a lot of MMOG development environments are incomplete and untested, Ryzom is from a working game. That gives me some comfort especially since Ryzom dev includes the game's assets.

I am a bit worried that the forums are not busy and a bit worried about getting enough documentation to work on porting across a lot of systems I had running in the old Sorceror's Quest into Ryzom environment. We shall see. We don't give up easily.

Sorceror's Quest 2 is mainly being developed by my son and myself. We have minimal artistic ability but hopefully can draw upon resources from old staff who had that world building and decorating flair. My son and I will concentrate on the code and gameplay side of things.

If there is a more active community of Ryzom developers somewhere, I'd be keen to find them.

Cheers for now.

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