Read this before posting here

Added by vl almost 10 years ago

You want to submit your Project for the Ryzom Summer Code Contest? Then read carefully this post!

To submit your project, you have to post a new topic in this dedicated board.

  • Your project MUST be under AGPLv3.
  • Your project should be hosted on github.
  • ONE post = ONE Project. We'll remove post that contains more than one project and we'll also remove all duplicated post.
  • If you don't use the template or don't fill the template correctly, we'll remove your post.

Use the following template to submit your Project (copy paste the block below and change the <> with your information:

* Project Name: <name of your project>
* Project Type: <website, desktop, iphone, facebook...>
* Project Email: <>
* Project Members: <your ryzom login or logins of the participant in your team>
* Project URL: <url to see/download your project>
* Project Source URL: <url to see/download the source of your project, should be a GitHub url>
* Project Description: <a few sentences that describe what your project does>

You can submit your project here without filling all the information at the beginning. For example, you can start the project with one person and if you find a friend, just edit your submission post. Same for "Project Source URL", you don't have to provide the source at the beginning but be careful to release it before the end of the contest or we'll have to remove your project.