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vl, 04/10/2009 04:45 pm

You'll find here a wiki and a forum for the documentation and discussion about Ryzom API.

Ryzom API's are some easy url based system to get some Ryzom information like server status, game time or character profile.

  • ServerStatus: To know if the game server are open or closed.
  • ServerTick: To know what time is it in Ryzom.
  • ReleaseNotes: To see the patch release notes.
  • Character: To access character profile.
  • GuildIcon: Display the blason of a guild.
  • In the future: mail/forum
  • In the future: guilds

If you want to help to create the wiki documentation, tell it in the forum!

If you have some ideas of a website that could be fun that use these API, post it on the forum