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vl, 07/18/2009 01:13 pm

Welcome to the Ryzom API Wiki.

You'll find here the documentation about Ryzom API.

Ryzom API is an URL based system to get some Ryzom information like server status, game time or character profile.

Note: Ryzom API is currently in Beta test. It means that it's possible we'll change the API, the XML format, the API keys format in the near future.

IMPORTANT: The Ryzom Coding Contest is open! Read more information

Available Ryzom API

  • Status: To know if the game servers are open or closed.
  • Time: To know the time and date in Ryzom
  • Character: To access character profiles.
  • ItemIcon: To display the icon of an item.
  • Title: To convert a character title identifier to a translated string.
  • Render: PHP functions to render a webpage with Ryzom style.
  • ReleaseNotes: To see the patch release notes.
  • GuildIcon: To display the icon of a guild.
  • Guilds: To display the list of all guilds.
  • Guild: To access guild information.

User Tools


We developed a set of helper function in PHP to easier access the Ryzom API. More information...


We setuped 2 testing characters and 1 guild so everyone can use these key to test their application.

Character Name Partial Character Key Full Character Key Guild Key
Apihomin PR521366R0R343D6080 FR521366R0REA16F998 GR105907534R7DEDCDA7
Apinoob PR521366R1R2DDE4B93 FR521366R1R05EF0010


You want to discuss about Ryzom API? You have the choice:


If you have some ideas of a website that could be fun that use Ryzom API, post it on the forum

There are other forums to talk about different subjects here


Chat with us about Ryzom API on IRC: irc.freenode.net / #ryzom