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h2. Welcome to the Ryzom API Wiki.

You'll find here the documentation about Ryzom API.

Ryzom API is an URL based system to get some Ryzom information like game time or character/guild profile.

*Note*: Ryzom API is currently in *Beta test*. It means that it's possible we'll change the API, the XML format, the API keys format in the near future.

h2. New API keys

New API keys are 41 alphanumeric characters. Character keys start with 'c' and guild keys with 'g'.

API keys can be created using "RyzomAPI app":http://app.ryzom.com/app_ryzomapi

To generate or view guild keys, you need to be guild leader or high officer.

h2. Available Ryzom API

* *[[App]]*: User authentication for apps registered Create Ryzom applications that will be available out the game (with the browser) and in AppZone. game.

h3. XML sources

* *[[Time]]*: To know the time and date in Ryzom. *updated for new server*
* *[[Guilds]]*: To display the list of all guilds.
* *[[Guild]]*: To access guild information.
* *[[Character]]*: To access character profiles.

h3. Tools

* *[[Render]]*: PHP functions to render a webpage with Ryzom style.
* *[[ItemIcon]]*: To display the icon of an item.
* *[[GuildIcon]]*: To display the icon of a guild.

h2. User Tools

* *[[ExampleProfile]]*: Display a basic character profile.


We developed a set of helper function in PHP to easier access the Ryzom API. [[PHP Ryzom API|More information...]]

h3. What's new in the API?

You can see the changes made in the api on [[Changelog|this page]].

h2. Discuss

You want to discuss about Ryzom API? You have the choice:

h3. Forums

"forum topic":http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/18541

h3. Chat

Chat with us about Ryzom API on IRC: *irc.freenode.net / #ryzom*