Time to retreive full xml

Added by labelotero almost 9 years ago

My project is based on full xml.
I noticed that it takes more than 1 second to retreive the informations of each player.
As i'm displaying about 20 profiles, i have to wait more than 20 secondes for my webpage to display.
I'm sure i'm not using the right method, is there a way to optimize that? (i'm using ryzom_character_simplexml())

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RE: Time to retreive full xml - Added by nimetu almost 9 years ago

cache the xml in database/file and only update when cache_expire is greater than current time (both should be in UTC / unix timestamp)
run (external) cron utility that fetches the expires xml's and updates cache. ofcourse dont forget to check the api server status code (bad key for example ;-)
do it every minute and webpage loads 'instantly'.

RE: Time to retreive full xml - Added by LupusMichaelis almost 9 years ago

I don't think. If you bench the serveur, you'll see they are a lag. If you want to improve it, you have to cache datas. but maybe VL can tweak something ? :D

RE: Time to retreive full xml - Added by vl almost 9 years ago

You should not request the xml each time a user display your webpage or it'll be insane!
Currently the cache on character is not activated so I do all the slow process on each request :)
I'll add the cache monday and I think it'll be faster but I still don't think it's a good idea to request the xml on each pageview on your website.