New Guild API Key

Added by vl almost 9 years ago

We changed the generation of the guild api key so all old api key doesn't work anymore.

People will have to get the new api key from their profile page and update them in the tools they use.

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RE: New Guild API Key - Added by etar almost 9 years ago

Hum, thanks to prevent us. A bit late, I've seen it after last update this night.
The check function did not send me an error message and all my history is wrong now. AwA, I'll empty it manually.

If I remember well, the check function just check the integrity of the key, and don't check if the key exists. So you didn't changed the structure of the key...
And the check function is not a trustable check :( I'll do mine instead of believing into the API's one.

Is there any new information into the key?
Do we need to update our API libraries on our servers?

RE: New Guild API Key - Added by vl almost 9 years ago

The local function check cannot detect the changes since the key format didn't change.
We only change the key computation to be more robust and secure.
It doesn't contain more information and you don't need to update your library.

Sorry for the inconvenient.

RE: New Guild API Key - Added by kregora almost 9 years ago

But it is still the intention that guild leaders can't create a new guild api key?