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Added by Phantase about 9 years ago

Hello here,

Small question to be more aware about the format of the presentation of our project(s).

I understand the purpose of the first fields : Project Name, Project Type, Project Email, Project Members but I have question about Project URL, Project Source URL and Project Description

  • For Project Source URL , do we need to make the sources available at the beginning of the project, or can we wait for a most advanced status for the project before to release the sources ?
  • For Project URL and Project Description , can we use this forum (our project thread) to make a great description of our project with screenshots, release notes, coming soon features and so one ? Or do we need to create a web page presenting the project and just put the link to this page in the Project URL field ?

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RE: Project presentation - Added by vl about 9 years ago

For Project Source URL, you can wait and submit it in reply of your submission.

For Project URL and Project Description, it's up to you, you can:
  • use the submission thread to post updates, screenshot, talk with your users and more.
  • use github project that support homepage, wiki, issues, download.
  • If you ask for, we can create a redmine project for your project on