Make ebay for ryzom

Added by ulukyn about 9 years ago

Players can buy items from another player directly or with auctions.
The system can make vérifications. (Items has been transfered from player A to player B)

N.B.: This need Id of Items, maybe not possible to do.

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RE: Make ebay for ryzom - Added by vl about 9 years ago

It's a good idea and can be fun but it's not possible automatically because ryzom api can only do "read only" things.

But a solution can be to do like on ebay, I mean, people do some auction on the web site and when it's done, they meet together inside Ryzom to do the exchange.

RE: Make ebay for ryzom - Added by SirCotare almost 8 years ago


We now have a simple auctionhouse version ready for testing on the Ryzom Armory:

Yours Cotare